Development Workflow

What is a Development Workflow?

Until now (as seen in the JSFiddle playground) we've been adding Vue through a simple <script> tag and writing our Vue code. This approach works for simple applications. However in a complex application you're probably going to need multiple packages and libraries. Adding all of those packages manually gets messy pretty soon and may even cause breaking your application. 

On the other hand you don't want to add each package manually for each project of yours. Getting some templates out of the box is a big time-saver.

You also might want to take advantage of the benefits of tools such as Babel and Webpack to write better and shorter code. 

So in summary, using a modern development workflow allows us to:

  • Write better code 
  • Shrink our code (minify) 
  • Bundle all packages together 
  • Have a better control over our application 
  • Even more!

Luckily Vue has got us covered when it comes to "Development Workflow" with a tool called "Vue CLI". 

Using Vue on a Laravel project

In case you are using Vue on a Laravel project, you don't need to use Vue CLI. Laravel has already got you covered with a tool called "Laravel Mix"