About VueSchool

Hey there!

My name is Sully Fischer. I’m a full stack developer, a chess player, a kick boxing fighter and last but not least a big fan of rock n roll!

There was a time when I hated JavaScript. I tried to avoid using it in my projects. Don’t get me wrong, I did know the basics, but using JS in action gets tricky for beginners. The best I could do when it came to JavaScript was googling for some jQuery code. Then I was introduced to Angular. It seemed so powerful, yet it gave me such headache. Then Vue happened!

There are few developers who can write efficient code and there are even fewer that can explain it well. Even You, the creator of Vue framework, seems to be both. Not only Vue performs great but it’s easy and fun to work with.

The other great thing about Vue is its warm community. The fact that it’s been welcomed by Laravel (my favorite backend framework) made it more promising to me; because I’ve already seen the result of Laravel growth.

I started VueSchool for those intending to get started with Vue quickly. Just like what w3schools is already doing for other frameworks. To accomplish this purpose I had to summarize my writing, grammar, codes, etc. So if you’re a pro programmer and always dig for the details, you may wanna give the official documentation a try instead.

I hope you guys love Vue as much as I do. Please follow me and VueSchool’s twitter account for Vue related tweets. Comments always make me happy! So please don't hesitate.